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Wellness Workshops and Seminars


As a motivational speaker and facilitator, Dr. Michelle has extensive experience helping individuals develop the mindset and skills they need to care for their minds, body, and spirit. With more than 15 years of speaking and training to hundreds of people and groups in various arenas, Dr. Michelle Harris delivers creative, relevant, and engaging workshops and seminars that inspire, educate, and motivate the audience to transform their lives. Would you like to learn more about the upcoming seminars Dr. Michelle has planned? Contact us today or check out our Upcoming Events!

Previous Workshops/Presentations:

Dr. Michelle addresses a variety of spiritual and emotional health and wellness topics in her workshops in order to promote holistic wellness. Prior seminars include:

  • Healing Invisible Wounds: Learn about common hidden wounds that are often presented in churches and receive guidance on strategy development for restoration.

  • Stress Management: Learn effective ways to identify current stressors, understand the effects of stress, and discover how to establish stress-management methods to live a balanced life.

  • Spinning Plates Successfully: Discover essential life management skills and receive training in balancing life’s responsibilities.

  • Let it Go: In this spiritual and emotional release session, you’ll learn powerful skills and tools that can help you move through the process of forgiveness.

  • Compassion Fatigue: Discover symptoms and effects of compassion fatigue and ways to maintain a healthy balance



Upcoming Events


Effects of Compassion Fatigue for Clinicians and Ways to Maintain Self-Care- Thursday 8/13/19  (6:30pm) Southeastern Behavioral Institute Location: Phoenix, AZ