Individualized Virtual Coaching

Now is the time to make yourself a priority!

If you:

  • Can’t stop replaying hurtful experiences that have happened in the past

  • Have a lack of trust due to past hurts

  • Often feel stuck in working towards your goals

  • Have noticed a significant change in your physical health and have goals in developing a healthier you, but don’t know where to start

  • Feel like you are about to explode when presented with minor tasks

  • Keep finding yourself connecting with negative influences and associates, but have difficulty letting go

  • Keep engaging in unhealthy practices and behaviors that have resulted in more hurt and pain

  • Avoid family gatherings due to broken family relationships

  • Have difficulty developing and maintaining healthy relationships

  • Pray but have continued feelings of hopelessness and are spiritually, emotionally, and physically drained

  • Have resolved that “getting by” or “hanging in there” is the only way to live

  • Are overwhelmed by a constant rollercoaster of emotions

  • Deal constantly with guilt and shame due to past mistakes

  • Are recently divorced and having difficulty coping with your “new” normal

Then it is time to make an investment in you!

Are You Ready To Make An Investment?

When our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being determines the success of our careers, the strength of our self-worth, and the health of our relationships, it is essential that we develop the skills and tools we need in order to thrive in our life. Would you be willing and ready to make that investment in yourself?

Benefits Of Holistic Consultation Services

  • Develop healthy relationships and boundaries

  • Be able to release past failures, rejections, and disappointments and plant them as seeds of life lessons for personal growth

  • Develop insight and ways to communicate feelings in a more healthy way without fear of rejection or loss

  • Find self-acceptance, instead of being defensive or fearful when faced with criticism

  • Find happiness in the things in life that you are able to control

  • Prioritize your life and develop ways to manage life without feeling overwhelmed by current situations

  • Gain more spiritual freedom

  • Begin to develop healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual habits to maintain a healthier you

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