Fearless Warrior Membership Program

Now is the time to adjust your crown and wear it proudly!

If you:

  • Feel stuck in pursuing your goals

  • Need a little extra inspiration to continue to propel you to the next level

  • Feel stuck in pursing your goals and feel like there is a lack of focus

  • Are unfulfilled and know that you want, just need a little accountability to partner with you

  • Have mental blocks that are trying to hold you back from your God-given vision

  • Have a vision insight, but lack clarity on how to make the next step

  • Feel burned out from all of your responsibilities and “not feeling like yourself lately”

  • A go getter and ready to push to that higher level of performance

Are You Ready To Truly Excel?

With the membership program, you are not alone; however, you are provided guidance, support, training, and resources along the journey.

Included In the Package

  • Connection to an online support group and connection with women like you who are pushing and ready to go to the next level

  • Access to exclusive email subscription of tips, resources, inspiration to keep you motivated

  • Ability to attend monthly telephone group coaching session/inspirational moments and advice corner “Pillow Talk Sessions”

  • Opportunity to receive specialized live group coaching tailored to your specific needs

  • Link to online courses that will bring Mind, Body, and Spirit revitalization

Benefits Of Membership Program

  • More efficient in daily responsibilities

  • Mental clarity and focus

  • Intangible more fulfilled life

  • Unlocking of your inner strength and ability to begin developing strategies to work your God-given vision

  • Reposition of self-on the priority list

  • Inner happiness and peace to be able to enjoy life to the fullest again

    Cost of Investment: $300.00 Monthly/ 12-month Package

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