Are you ready for your new season?

Are you ready for your next season?

As I begin to look at the beauty of the seasons changing.  Autumn is upon us and I marvel at how beautiful the leaves begin to change color. Also, the leaves that were once part of a beautiful budding tree in the spring have now begun to fall beautifully on the ground. I discovered that the reason the trees shed their leaves is because the trees’ cycle of life is taking its course. The shedding is necessary for the trees to be able to survive the winter weather conditions. It is necessary for continued growth and survival.

Seasons of life are always occurring

This could also be applied to the seasons that shift in our lives. When there is a shift and a new season begins, many things begin to change. Think of when you started elementary school and over time advanced to high school. As you grew older over the years, you grew mentally and also obtained new experiences and friends. You could not maintain your same mindset from kindergarten as you advanced to high school. Life experiences shifted and molded you. This is how our cycle of life happens, we grow, prosper, have setbacks, and some failures. Nevertheless, over time life experiences helped to shape and grow you as a person. But many times, we often attempt to hold on to old friends, mindsets, habits, etc. because it is comfortable. We may have goals and dreams; however, continue a life routine that does not push us to the next level.

So are you ready to move ahead?

If you are at a point where you feel a new season is about to occur in your life, consider these questions: What needs to fall away so that you can continue to grow? What are some old habits, thoughts, ideas, people, etc. you have continued to hang on to season after season in your life that you need to release? What are some things that were beneficial for you for a period of time in your life but you now need to release to be the better you? Are you ready to fully go to the next level and allow the old habit of procrastination to fall away? Are you ready to obtain that dream job, by releasing self-doubt? What truly needs to be released so you can fully embrace the next season of your life? Go ahead and embrace the new season ahead!

Michelle Harris