Motivating others to the next level is my passion!

As a wellness coach, doctor of behavioral science licensed clinical social worker and minister with more than 15 years of experience, she supports Christian individuals and families in their quest to unlock themselves from the mental chains and invisible wounds of anxiety, suicide, depression and stress.

Dr. Harris is a compassionate motivator who has coached hundreds of women into life-altering breakthroughs and deep introspection that propels them into “anew” way of existence. She prescribes a unique mixture of psychological tactics and Christian beliefs to provide her clients with a toolbox of strategies and coping methods they can safely use to navigate the rocky roads of breakdown and fatigue and drive up to the shores of emotional freedom.

.Dr. Michelle Harris is the founder and CEO of Anew Health Solutions PLLC, a community-driven, self-care safe space for Christian women who need a spiritual refill after pouring everything they have into other people. She has authored two books, of Healing From Invisible Wounds and The Stress Factor and stands as not only an expert on stress management but she also provides holistic counseling and life coaching to ensure her clients achieve mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Find out more about how she can catapult you into “anew,” more fulfilling, stress-free life by contacting her today and begin “anew” you today!

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